Is Bitcoin a Golden Investment?

So Bitcoin fluctuated some 30% downwards and then had a recovery last week.
Without any physical underlying of an asset, it did so a good recovery. But is this going to happen each time?
I guess investors don’t know if there an alternative to Bitcoin. And not even so that that Bitcoin is a free flowing value of investing basis the brokers and/or account holders pricing fundamentals. It is has no correlation to the physical global gold pricing mechanisms that provide us the stability, trust and liquidity options to get the ultimate benefits of a reliable physical gold eco-system.
Yes, Crypto assets investments are the trending topics, but then again, what do you define as the underlying assets? Nothing, it is notional. This means it is a huge risk, but some of us would like to assume this risk.
A crypto investment, without any underlying asset, is as good as speculating in any platform that is equivalent to investing in a casino. No wonder the Turkish authorities banned the use of Crypto’s and I assume that we will see the same outcome in global markets.
Bitcoin is not a golden investment. It has no physical underlying to gain its value. The market volatility is based on participants that have an interest in the Bitcoin holding. This is why when it crashes or appreciates, it cannot be stable.
A lucrative alternative is to invest in a cryto product that derives real market value due to its underlying physical asset, not notional, but physical backed like gold.
Please save yourself the risk of investing in a crypto and preserve the value of your investment through a physical backed product.