We have a zero tolerance policy of trading and/or funding physical gold/projects that are directly or indirectly linked to the following:

  • Money-Laundering and/or Financing of Terrorism
  • Human Rights Abuses
    • Exploitation, Physical Abuse, Forced Labour and/or Worst Forms of Child Labour
  • Other Criminal Activities
    • Smuggling, Bribery, Illicit Trade, Non-Payment of Relevant Government Fees
  • Environment abuse from the extraction and mining activities; and usage of harmful chemicals, substances, and mining techniques

We follow strict adherence and on-going implementation of the OECD Guidance for Conducting Due Diligence when sourcing from Conflict Affected and/or High-Risk Areas

  • Conducting enhanced KYC on the counter-parties
  • Identification of red-flags associated with transactional, counterparty and geo-political risks
  • Conducting and assessing the outcome of enhanced due diligence of the red flags to begin trading with low to medium risk scenarios
  • Immediate dis-engagement of trading activities when high or zero tolerance risk scenarios are an escalation of low-medium risk scenarios

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