Golden Bitcoin Investment

Hello readers,
We have compiled a post basis many independent third parties opinion on this topic.
Notably we found out that the expert views are mixed and as follows:
Interestingly so, this means
1.      Bitcoin is ‘more speculative’ than gold: ex-Deutsche Bank managing director
2.      Gold has had a bad month, but bullish activity could suggest a bottom
3.     Considering gold amid rising inflation
4.     Discussing the global market outlook

What this means?

Bitcoin cannot replace physical gold investment as a safe heaven asset

  • Even though gold had a bad month, it had better returns and history of returns than Bitcoins

  • Gold proved that it is the No1. Asset in terms of combating inflation and the best asset for store of value historically

  • Global market analysis that we infer is to diversify your investment portfolio by keeping gold and/or gold physical denominated  asset classes

  • We encourage you to make reliable, efficient, and secure investments.

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